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Financial Independence
At 1776 CMG, we focus on creating financial independence for our clients by emphasizing people and processes.
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1776 and the Fourth of July
Happy Birthday America! Some trivia, facts and fun for the fourth of July
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Alternatives to Holding Cash in a Rising Rate Environment
Swings in the financial markets, coupled with rising interest rates and high inflation, may make investing decisions feel challenging, especially if you currently have large cash holdings. Let’s explore some solutions available for cash or cash reinvestment needs, particularly in a rising interest rate environment.
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What to Consider When Buying or Selling a Home in a Rising Mortgage Interest Rate Environment
If you are buying or selling a home when mortgage interest rates are rising, there are important considerations to keep in mind that impact affordability and other factors.
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Which Programs Should You Consider To Cover Health Care Costs?
It is said that it’s harder to get through retirement than it is to get to retirement.
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November Investment Perspectives
Recession possibilities, the credit cycle and its phases, and expectations for equities.
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7 Strategies to Consider Before Applying for Medicaid
Many retirees use Medicaid, a joint federal and state health care program, to cover medical and long-term care costs. Here are some strategies to consider before you apply.
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Navigating Your Medicare Options
While outlasting your assets is a matter of disciplined saving and investing combined with the power of time, protecting your savings from health care costs requires you to make some careful choices based on a thorough understanding of Medicare—in particular, what it does and doesn’t cover.
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