Our Philosophy and Process
How we work with our clients
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We believe we should simply focus on our clients and the things we can control. Our team provides services and solutions tailored to fit your unique needs, preferences, and goals. We choose to filter out the everyday noise that surrounds us in the media and elsewhere.

Below are just a few of the steps in our financial planning process:

  • Understanding your personal situation in great detail
  • Understanding the impact of a variety of economic scenarios on that same personal situation
  • Focusing on those investments that produce cash flow (through dividends and interest) to assist with your potential income needs as well as to enhance investment return predictability
  • Removing unnecessary fees from the investment implementation process while keeping the remainder reasonable and transparent
  • Being candid and direct, always and without exception

Depending on your financial needs and personal preferences, you may opt to engage in a brokerage relationship, an advisory relationship* or a combination of both.

* For a detailed description of Advisory programs’ services and fees, refer to the Janney Form ADV Part 2 disclosure document, available upon request and online at www.janney.com.

Preferred Communication Method
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