August Greetings
Second Quarter Wrap-Up and Future Opportunities
Community Involvement Photo

We had another fantastic intern this summer. Kennedy Watts is pictured with Erin Brophy and I (far left), as well as some pictures of interns from past summers. I have found that hiring summer interns has been great for our practice. They bring fresh energy and enthusiasm. We typically have over 100 applications for one or two spots. It is extremely difficult to not hire several people every year. The students that work with us have been amazing, and bring a level of maturity that I definitely did not possess at their age. We wish Kennedy all the best as she enters her senior year at the University of Richmond. We also wish you happiness and a great end to the summer of 2022. This year has been full of surprises, so we are hoping for an upside surprise and happier news for the rest of the year. 

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