Summer Interns 2023

Another summer, another set of bright interns. We wish Brendan and Bryce all the best this coming school year. Read more about their internship experience here.
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Our names are Bryce Myers and Brendan Murphy, and we were this year’s summer interns for Dan Levin and Erin Brophy at 1776 Capital Management Group of Janney Montgomery Scott. We are student-athletes at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Richmond.

We were excited to be selected as this year’s interns. Dan began this tradition over 30 years ago and we were hand-selected from a group of over 100 applications from Villanova, Richmond, & Penn.

We had a very productive and enjoyable summer internship. We learned a lot about the wealth management industry, gained important hands-on experience, and formed valuable relationships. The team truly has a client-first mentality in every aspect of their practice. We learned that relationships are the most important aspect of a high-level wealth management team.

One of the most notable things we learned was how to analyze portfolios and identify potential investment opportunities by doing a deep dive into the portfolios and holdings of 1776 Capital Management clients. We also became experts in the Morningstar and Value Line software, which are leading financial research platforms.

In addition, this experience was very hands-on, allowing us to participate in client meetings that allowed us to grow our networks further. This gave us a firsthand look at the day-to-day operations of a wealth management firm and helped us to learn more about retirement planning and 401ks - in particular, how to identify what makes a plan successful, or not. 

We also became great friends along the way. We spent time doing projects together, having lunches, and learning about each other’s experiences at school and in life.

We had a very positive experience at 1776 Capital Management Group. We learned a lot, made lifelong connections, and had a lot of fun. We are confident that this internship will serve us well as we finish college and consider career paths in the near future. 

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