American Planning Association
Kirk and other residents of Narragansett were recently honored with the 2016 American Planning Association Award.
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Kirk and other residents of Narragansett were recently honored with the 2016 American Planning Association Award.  Kirk coordinated the design and construction of The Casino Courtyard in Narragansett. Inspiration for this project dates back many years, but it never received the necessary support, until a group of local residents recognized its importance and embarked on a journey that culminated in one of the Town's most treasured public spaces. Each element of the project has its own story and origin, from the stone that was sourced to match the Towers, to the restored fish sculpture that adorns the fountain. Every detail was carefully planned to bring historical relevance to the project. One of my favorite features is the compass points surrounding the fountain. The concept of creating a compass came about after viewing the fountain from the Towers above and realizing the nautical significance of that particular area. Today, each compass point represents local groups who have contributed greatly to our community. 

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