Retirement Planning
Retirement Planning

We can recommend a retirement plan that includes savings and investing strategies designed to help you achieve your goals. We can analyze your current and future retirement savings, and provide:

  • Analysis of your available resources (including social security, pensions, benefits, deferred comp evaluations, and more).
  • Illustrations of your goals, and how they can be funded by your available resources.
  • Calculations of additional savings needed to increase the probability of reaching your retirement goals.
  • Recommendations of appropriate savings vehicles for your needs and circumstances (Roth vs. traditional IRAs, use of annuities, and other savings strategies).
  • Guidance to help you understand your future retirement distribution options.
  • Explanation of benefits (such as long-term care), which will provide you with necessary information, along with the pros and cons of each available option.
  • Projection of your ability to meet your future retirement expenses by evaluating your distribution options, using several different spending and taxation methods.

Retirement Investing

We can recommend a retirement investing approach designed to provide you with the potential for secure and steady growth to help balance risk and hedge against inflation. With our open architecture platform, we can provide you with access to a comprehensive selection of investments.

Investment recommendations we make may include the use of mutual funds, bonds, stocks, ETFs, annuities, and other investments, depending on your individual needs and circumstances.

Types of Retirement Accounts

  • Rollover IRA
  • Traditional IRA
  • Annuities
  • Employer-Sponsored Plans / 401(k) Plans

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