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Our mission is to help our clients reach their family or organizational goals by providing them with our best advice, delivered at all times with honesty and objectivity. We aspire to build lasting relationships based upon trust, integrity, and superior service. With our advice and guidance, our clients can make rational and well-informed decisions that will result in the achievement of their goals in an increasingly complex world. To earn and maintain our position as your trusted advisor, we will: • Always give you our best advice and keep your interests first • Remain committed to objectivity and dedicated to simplicity • Help you navigate complex investment and planning alternatives • Meet face-to-face to review your portfolio and discuss all important financial decisions • Help you resist emotionally-driven investment mistakes by providing context and discipline • Deliver exceptional personal service and ready access to all team members as needed • Resolve problems quickly • Provide clear and timely communication • Fully disclose all fees, which will, at all times, be reasonable and competitive • Keep you informed of any events that might impact your financial goals • Work with your current tax and legal advisors in a team approach on your behalf • Provide access to specific expertise both internally and externally Our personal approach to planning is built upon the face to-face interaction you will have with our team. Our personal, lasting relationship will be instrumental in helping us understand your goals and guiding you through the achievement of those goals.

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