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Cort Wealth Management is an experienced team bringing more than 75 years of Wall Street experience to the table.  We are Fiduciaries committed to working in partnership with you, putting your needs first and embracing your goals as our own. Whether it's planning your retirement, funding a child's education or building personal wealth, we work to formulate financial strategies designed specifically for you and your family so you can pursue your own interests.

We take a “hands on” approach in building your portfolios, utilize the many tools at our disposal to monitor your success and apply our market experience to make necessary changes in your portfolio to keep you on track during ever changing markets.  We pride ourselves on answering all of our calls and electronic inquiries as they come in and certainly within 24 hours as we recognize “we work for you!”

This positions us as your "go to" Financial Advisors, both trustworthy and competent to help you with any challenges that you may face in your financial life. Whether you are passing wealth down from one generation to the next, creating dependable retirement income or evaluating new or existing life insurance policies or annuities, you can feel comfortable calling us whenever you need.

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