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Retirement Planning Consideration for Employees of Publicly Traded Companies
Most employers that are publicly traded companies offer employees the ability to buy company stock within their retirement plan. If this happens to be an option within your company 401(k) and you decide to take advantage of it, beware of your distribution options when you decide to retire. Many soon to be retirees make the mistake of rolling over the entire balance of their 401(k) into an IRA before fully understanding the options available to them. This is often done out of ignorance for the rules or lack of working with a qualified financial planner, and the consequences can be costly.
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Tax Diversification Matters
The creation and preservation of wealth go hand in hand with reducing ones tax burden. However, avoiding current taxation in hopes of being in a lower tax bracket in retirement may not work out as many expect. The top federal income tax bracket in 2019 is only 37%. You may believe 37% is not low, but it has been much higher in years past. According to the Bradford Tax Institute, the top federal income tax rate was above 60% from 1932 all the way to 1981. Why worry now? The primary driver of future tax increases will be the escalating federal debt, and that figure is ever increasing due to a mismatch in government spending versus revenues.
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September Investment Perspectives
In this issue we take a look at BRICS+ and potential investment opportunities, determine if bond market supply matters, and discuss why September is a more worrisome month for stocks than October.
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Are You Incorporating Secure Act 2.0 Provisions into Your Financial Plan?
SECURE Act 2.0 is designed not only to make it easier for employers to adopt and administer retirement plans, but also to help individuals save for retirement. There are nearly 100 provisions in this new legislation. Some of these, which are in place now or will become effective in coming years, are highlighted below.
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Outlook 2023: Mid-Year Update
In our initial Outlook 2023 publication, we offered a thesis around the concept of two-way risk.
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How Janney Provides Simplicity and Security for Your Finances
In light of continual financial uncertainty, it’s natural to have heightened interest or concern around the security of your assets, and the specific protections Janney has in place for your account(s).
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Artificial Intelligence Investment Implications
ChatGPT is the fastest-growing technology application in history and is demonstrating the powerful potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to a very diverse audience.
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Here’s What You Can Do to Prevent Check Fraud
Instances of check fraud are on the rise in the U.S. Below are some best practices to help you avoid becoming a victim.
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