Our Process

With a legacy of strong, deep and enduring client relationships, the Krauss Investment Group offers experienced investment recommendations, access to research, and comprehensive solutions toward meeting your financial needs.
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No needs are more important than your own. At the Krauss Investment Group, our client commitment is the same today as it has always been; since our founding, we’ve made your needs, your goals, our own. Whatever is important to you is important to your financial plan—your family, home, children’s education, job, and more.

We believe every client journey begins with a shared understanding of each family’s needs. But every family should consider a strategy that may position them to help bring their dreams to fruition. Our financial planning process helps us to understand your goals and priorities and develop a customized plan deigned with your goals in mind.

Financial Planning Process — A Focus on You and Your Family 
For those clients who choose to interact with us for their financial planning needs, we start with a process based on your specific situation.
  1. ENGAGE - Understand you, your goals & circumstances. 
  2. COLLECT - Identify your financial goals & analyze potential courses of action. 
  3. DESIGN - Discuss your plan & consider strategies that are designed with your needs in mind. 
  4. DELIVER - Present & discuss your financial plan.
  5. REVIEW - Review progress to goals & adjust as circumstances change.
Preferred Communication Method
Contact us today to discuss how we can put a plan in place designed to help you reach your financial goals.