Aaron's Acres

Our team is proud to partner alongside our office in supporting these charities. Throughout the year we raise money, supplies and volunteer our time at each charity!
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Aaron’s Acres is a camp which “provides all children and young adults with special needs opportunities to participate in the most innovative and unique social and recreational programs in an atmosphere of acceptance that embraces the child and family.” 

During May and June of 2018 the Lancaster Janney office raised money to help benefit Aarons Acres. We volunteered one day at the camp, and took photos of the campers. The kids were visiting a petting zoo, swimming, doing crafts and having snack! The photos are used at the end of the week when camp counselors put together photo books for the children to show their parents what activities they participated in during the week. Our employees cannot wait to go back next year and see the happiness on these kids’ faces as they participate in fun activities! 

If you would like to support Aarons Acres, please visit https://aaronsacres.org/ .

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