Pet Pantry of Lancaster County

We continued our support with The Pet Pantry in 2019, we started this support in 2018 and look forward to all we can do to help!
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“The Pet Pantry of Lancaster County meets the needs of families and animals in our community through operation of a Pet Food Bank Program, Lower cost Spay/Neuter/Vaccination Programs, and by supporting animal rescue through our adoption program.” 

March and April of 2018 the Lancaster Janney office was able to raise over $800 to help support the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County. In addition to the money raised, we also donated leashes, beds, bowls, crates and food! Some members of our office spent an afternoon at the Pet Pantry packaging dog food for families and animals in need. We look forward to volunteering more in the future! Thank you to everybody who has supported The Pet Pantry

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