Holistic Financial Planning & Consultative Process

Our unique financial planning and consultative process includes you every step of the way, creating a vision with the focus on you and a plan for every stage of your life. No matter where you are in life—or where the people who matter the most to you are in their lives—we provide a broad range of financial planning services that can address your current and future needs and goals.
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Sailfish Wealth Management offers a comprehensive approach through the lens of a long-term, consultative relationship. Through our unique financial planning and consultative process, we learn what matters most to you and systematically address each of your goals and concerns, recommending a personalized financial road map to guide you through life. We have a written process for delivering on this to ensure that you know what you can expect from us every step of the way. While we are partners in this relationship, we recognize that you are the decision-maker and we are here to provide recommendations and strategies to support your vision.


To most financial advisors, “wealth management” is simply offering a broad range of investment solutions. They often take no comprehensive overview of the long-term financial picture for the individual or family. We recognize that with financial success comes responsibility and complexity. A comprehensive approach is required to ensure your investments support your vision. With each client, we recommend a financial plan that encompasses retirement, estate planning, tax planning, insurance planning, and charitable giving. We have reliable methods for delivering in each of these areas. Additionally, we are uniquely qualified to strategize with you through financial transitions (i.e. retirement, state residency changes, marriage, divorce, or a passing). We will work with you to preserve and build your wealth for today and the future.


Understanding your finances is only one part of our financial planning process. Understanding you is crucial. Our process to achieve and maintain your vision has many steps, but its foundation is simple:

• A strong relationship between you and us, built on mutual understanding and agreement

• A comprehensive approach that uses in-depth analysis of each area of your life to tailor a plan to your needs

• An implementation strategy to ensure that your needs and wishes are carried out with sufficient and appropriate actions and investment vehicles

• Establishing the plan as a living document that will evolve as life unfolds for you or your family

• Face-to-face reviews of your financial plan and investments on a periodic basis to help align your finances with achieving your financial goals

You can have peace of mind, knowing you have a plan in place and a team you can call on if life changes that plan. Start that relationship and your plan today.

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