Our Areas of Focus

Our team has direct experience dealing with Corporate Executives, Owners of Private Companies, High Net Worth Individuals, and Small to Medium Sized Institutions.
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Corporate Executives

  • Experience with senior executives of public companies including a number of Presidents and CEOs
  • Handle Rule 144 transactions for multiple 16b insiders
  • Exercised stock options that were large enough that we needed to consider volume limitations and the possible effects of market movements from the trades
  • Discussed and worked with non-Qualified plans (VEBA trusts, Rabbi trusts, etc.)
  • Extensive experience with Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) for large rollovers

Owners Of Private Companies

  • Discussed in detail implications and consequences regarding sale of private business
  • Referred them into our investment bank for sale of company looking at both strategic and financial buyers
  • Brought in outside experts to explore various strategies regarding pension and investment plans in an effort to lower taxes
  • Discussed the merits of going public, selling to strategic buyers or selling to financial buyers.

High Net Worth Individuals 

We have worked closely with clients along with their other tax and legal advisors on estate planning issues. Many of our clients who have implemented various strategies and we have direct experience in a:

  • Credit Shelter Trusts– Often the first type of trust set up by most people. When set up and funded while you are alive it is often referred to as a “Living Trust” and if it is set up in your will it is an “testamentary trust”
  • Dynasty Trusts – These trusts last for multiple generations and are often used to push assets down for multiple generations
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts – These have unique tax advantages and often have a combination of capital gains minimization, income generation and charitable deductions.
  • Charitable Lead Trusts – These provide cash over a period of years to your charity of choice and the remainder goes to your heirs outside of your estate
  • Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts – A technique often used to push assets that will appreciate out of your estate
  • Qualified Personal Residence Trusts – Q-PRT’s are commonly used to move a family property out of your estate and down to the next generation(s)
  • Qualified Terminable Interest Property – Generally used in second marriages to make sure your assets go down to your children from your first spouse
  • Qualifying Domestic Trusts – QDOTs can be critical if you are not a U.S. Citizen. In many cases not having one can trigger estate taxes upon the death of the first spouse
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust – If not structured properly, the death benefit from Life Insurance can be subject to estate taxes. When done properly, I-LIT’s can help avoid this tax.

Small to Medium Sized Institutions

  • Worked with Board of Trustees to develop investment policy statement and build portfolio for various non-profits
  • Manage money for private family foundations

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