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Wealth management is not as simple as choosing your individual investments. Each wealth planning decision creates and affects many other aspects and dimensions of your overall wealth. We can help you create a complete picture of your wealth and organize the complexity. While the complexity below the surface remains, we organize and tie together the interrelationships in order to simplify your financial life.We have the knowledge and experience to advise you on retirement, tax, and estate issues. We can help you analyze your current financial situation, and provide a personalized plan designed to meet your long and short-term needs.
The Bishop Wealth Management Group (BWMG) is a group of financial advisors with over 100 collective years of experience in the investment industry. We believe taking the time to get to know you is a critical part of our process. Understanding your needs and goals allows us to recommend a plan that you can follow over the long term.
Gathering the appropriate information is the first step toward obtaining answers that will work, and establishing measurable goals. This is achieved through an in-depth interview where we will gather relevant information about your assets, liabilities, wills, trusts, insurance policies, and other pertinent financial  information, and begin to map out your goals. We can then provide meaningful organization to your personal financial data, to help bring comfort and security to your hectic life. 
We will apply our substantial knowledge, gained from years of hands-on planning experience, to your unique financial situation. The resulting recommendations will be tailored to you and your family. We can help you analyze even the most complex situations and provide meaningful, easy-to-understand insight into your financial well-being. This plan can continually be revisited and modified over time to remain relevant to your situation—incorporating whatever changes are needed. We will also meet with your other trusted experts, such as your attorney, and/or tax and trust advisors.
The same diligence used to develop your personal financial plan should be used when developing a strategy for your philanthropy. We help you manage the tax and investment implications when you decide to support the activities you hold dear.
When and how to execute large-scale purchases, sales, leasebacks and other transactions should be coordinated with your tax and income plans. We will make recommendations, facilitate the transactions, and coordinate with outside professionals.
Do you have life insurance? Do you have the right amount? Do you have the right type? Are you with the right carrier? We can help you answer any insurance questions you might have.
Whether considering how to access Social Security and Medicare or how to transition from work to leisure, we will help you navigate your next steps.

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