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OUR APPROACH - A FINANCIAL PLAN TO SUPPORT YOUR LIFE PLAN The planning process should simplify and organize your life. In developing recommendations, we need to learn a lot about you. We will dive into your finances, but we will also dig into what you want to achieve and avoid for yourself and your heirs. Wealth is not necessarily the sum of your assets, income or tax returns. Protecting and projecting your wealth requires establishing your values. It means passing on your view of the world to your family, heirs, and others of meaning to you. For these reasons, we start every relationship with goal setting aligned with your family values and vision. Goal setting provides the focal point for all the supporting decisions that follow. Bishop Wealth Management has been designed from the ground up to deliver a unique array of wealth management services for ultra-high net worth individuals, families and their family offices. We believe our clients require a high degree of focused attention. They need multiple services because investments are only a piece of the complex puzzle of their financial lives. To serve you best we place a premium on having a strong advisor/client relationship right from the start. Experience has shown us that the creation of that relationship cannot be given short shrift on either end. Our client onboarding process is robust, and requires a significant investment of our time. The more we know about your goals, desires and preferences, the more we are able to provide recommendations in line with those goals. Our investment recommendations will always be held to the highest standard and are customized by aligning them with your unique objectives. YOUR VALUES AND DREAMS MADE CONCRETE We recommend a unique family plan for clients that directs all of our actions toward that plan. It directs our recommendations and helps you evaluate our performance. For our average client, our planning process begins with the charge to “develop an approach to managing our wealth that was customized, comfortable, and allows us to enjoy our lives.” From this we recommend, together, a plan to satisfy their unique goals. All the reporting we provide maps back to at least one, if not several, of those objectives. ... Read more. Read less.
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