Friendship Bag Program

Janney Gives Back: Benefits the Kids of Clarion County
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The Clarion Janney branch is partnering with our clients and community to focus on helping nourish children in need in the Clarion County Schools.  Over 775 children in the Clarion County School system struggle to obtain the nutrition they need to thrive. The program is designed to meet the hunger needs of these children at times when school resources are not available, such as weekends and school vacations.  All schools in Clarion County have begun a program we call Friendship Bags. We expect the number of children participating to keep growing. The schools are on a rotating basis each month.  Monetary donations can be accepted at any time. Cash donations cannot be accepted.

All items collected should be individual servings, microwavable, easy open and no glass. Listed products can be dropped off at our Janney office anytime between 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday. Thank you to our clients and community in advance. A list of items and schools:

Month                    School                      Check Payable to:

April           Allegheny-Clarion Valley   Allegheny-Clarion Valley SD

May            Clarion Area                     Trinity Point Church of God

June           Clarion - Limestone          First United Methodist Church

July             Keystone                         Keystone Elementary Act Fd

August        North Clarion                  Good Shepherd Utd Meth    Church
                                                           Faith Lutheran Church

September  Redbank Valley              Oakland Church of God

October         Union                            Blessing Kids Project

Monetary Check donations designated to a specific school district will be accepted anytime. 
Cash donations cannot be accepted.

** All items should be individual servings, microwavable, easy open and no glass **
Applesauce,  fruit cups, graham crackers, granola bars, juice boxes, cereal/oatmeal, macaroni & cheese, peanut butter crackers, raviolios/spaghettios

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