Murray Carter celebrates 25 years at Janney
This month we are celebrating a major milestone for Murray as he hits his 25 year anniversary with Janney!
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As a founding member of CSG, Murray has helped navigate the team through an amazing stretch of growth and development and his steadfast leadership has been the one constant against a backdrop of unrelenting change. Murray sets the tone for the team. He shows up every day, works hard, works efficiently and has a calm manner that puts people at ease. This is helpful in times of market stress but it is also invaluable to clients experiencing life’s challenges and to team members facing personal and professional highs and lows. Another cornerstone of Murray’s character is his humility. As a top advisor at the firm and in the industry, he values and incorporates input, advice, and perspective from all team members. His willingness to change and acknowledge that we don’t have everything figured out allows us to refine team structure, roles and processes. Our culture of consistent improvement and evolution starts with him and it will continue to serve us well in our mission to compound the impact that we can have on our clients’ lives. 

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