CSG Compass Planning Process

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Financial Planning can be overwhelming. It is a simple fact that the stakes get higher, and situations get more complex as your net worth grows. There are also opportunities and considerations available to you that are not for the average investor. As your estate grows:

Tax efficiency in savings strategies, investment process, and retirement income becomes more important. 

Debt management, banking and lending, and cash flow planning are more complex.

You have access to more cost effective and personalized investment strategies.

Real Estate and Family Businesses may be a large portion of your net worth . Transfers and sales have far-reaching tax and estate planning implications that must be discussed.

Funding family education across generations and supporting organizations and causes that are important to you become options. 

Family Estate Planning, for both older and younger generations, can be more complex and may require advanced trust strategies and coordination between legal and tax advisors.

Life, Liability and Long Term Care Insurance may be prudent to update to protect larger estates and fund more expensive lifestyles.

Navigating these challenges takes experience, and, most importantly, time and attention to your individual needs and goals.  

Our Compass Planning Process has been developed and refined through decades of experience addressing the unique challenges and opportunities of high net worth families. Team members focus on specific topic areas to bring you the best advice that we can across all areas of wealth management.

Many advisors will cite a process of gathering basic financial information, analyzing the information, designing and delivering a formal plan then reviewing/monitoring the plan. Unfortunately, we’ve found that most advisors stop here and come up woefully short in the follow-up and execution of the plan and and fail to adapt to life changes and market conditions.

We do not view the creation of a plan as the finish line, but rather a starting point. 

Following an initial planning draft, we communicate consistently so that we are aware of events and updates in your life that demand planning. We will collaborate with team members internally and with your CPA and attorney to ensure that we consider a wide range of possible solutions. We will help you prioritize topics to focus on over time, bring you proactive advice whenever possible, and be available to respond to the unexpected.

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