COVID-19 – How can I help?

Ideas on how to give back during the pandemic
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We’ve received numerous questions from clients about where to start the process of giving back in the midst of the current health crisis. First, this is so uplifting. We are proud to stand by our clients in doing what we can to support those most impacted by the health and economic turmoil brought on by this historic event. Second, we hear you – knowing that first step to take or first place to go is critical in getting a plan into action.  
In our opinion, the first place to start if you don’t have a specific organization in mind is your local community foundation. For example, The Greater Washington Community Foundation Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund & The Coastal Community Foundation Covid-19 Relief and Recovery Fund are serving communities near and dear to our team’s heart. A quick search in your local area should point you to an appropriate alternative that keeps the focus of your giving in your own backyard. In this case, the community foundation is receiving and vetting grant requests from local organizations. You may end up donating to the broad cause or this may serve as a great place to drill down into a specific area of need such as your local food bank.
Reach out to us if you’d like to discuss charitable planning in more detail, wither on a one-off basis or as a larger part of your annual giving or legacy goals.  
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