Retirement Income

Generating income from the retirement savings you have accumulated over your lifetime in an efficient way can often be a complex task.
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Managing retirement income is an ongoing exercise in balancing guaranteed income sources such as Social Security, with fluctuating income from sources such as your investment portfolio, based on your living expenses and desired spending levels.

Today’s retirees want to know if the assets they have saved for retirement are aligned toward their goals to achieve the lifestyle they desire in their retirement years. Budgeting, spending, and investing habits and strategies should be reviewed and adjusted regularly to help ensure your retirement plan is designed for the long term.


Our Planning Approach to Retirement Income


Our customized approach uses our Janney Financial Planning tools to help understand your full financial picture, and effectively plan for your income needs throughout retirement, addressing questions like:

  1. What sources of income will I rely upon in retirement?
  2. Will my income and assets last throughout my lifetime?
  3. What expenses can I expect to incur?
  4. What is a sustainable spending level for me?


We take into consideration your monthly and annual expenses, and provide a projection of future income based on various market and economic conditions. You will receive a retirement income analysis containing:

  • A retirement budget for current and future expenses.
  • Multiple models for retirement spending, using a variety of analysis strategies.
  • Recommended asset allocation strategy to maximize the longevity of your assets.


Periodic Review of your Progress Toward Goals

We believe that reviewing your retirement cash flow is critical to making your assets and income last over the long term. We can provide:

  • A cash management account to access your investments and other income, and to track your spending.
  • A regularly updated retirement income analysis, which shows whether you are on target based on your plan.


Investing Knowledge and Experience

We can recommend a diversified portfolio of investments to produce the optimal amount of income and growth needed to reach your retirement goals.


Our investment services include:

  • Designing and implementing a customized asset allocation based on your goals, risk tolerance, and other factors identified in your client profile or financial plan.
  • Recommending and developing your comprehensive investment strategy.
  • Recommending a brokerage relationship, advisory relationship, or a combination of both arrangements to implement your plan.
  • If you choose an advisory program, selecting specific investment managers and strategies that best fit your needs.
  • Providing periodic updates to your financial plan.


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