Montvale Chamber of Commerce
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The Montvale Chamber of Commerce’s never-ending mission is to introduce business support services such as social events, training, and education to organizations interested in improving their business strategies. Our duty is to introduce business-based solutions that will allow our members the opportunities to generate capital that can be infused back in our local and regional marketplace, thus adding quality of life capital to our community at-large.

With more than 100 members, the Montvale Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the enrichment and growth of all its members and has been recognized for our leadership in this area. Our goal is to promote superior intelligence, customer satisfaction, and plan execution excellence. We also support our members by augmentation of sales, community involvement, and public exposure through networking, information sharing, and philanthropy.

Promoting local commerce is at the forefront of the Chamber’s monthly meetings. We are committed to increasing and enriching our membership through informative forums, compelling presentations, and attractive social gatherings. The Montvale Chamber is ready, willing, and able to prepare its members for the business challenges that they will face in the 21st century.

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