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My philosophy includes the requisite of service and integrity, helped by an association with a firm that itself reflects these values. Investors hope and expect that their investments will appreciate over time. Indeed, many financial advisors imply in their advertising that some asset allocation, pie-chart approach will guarantee this. Results are depended on various functions, however, prominent of which is market psychology. Market psychology is the hot air that raises, or lowers, the balloons (stocks) and academic studies suggest this and sector psychology are responsible for the majority of the move in any given security. In short, a road map for investing requires the interpretation of readings such as momentum, the over-bought/over-sold condition of the market and other "technical data". This applies to stocks, mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds and variable annuity sub-accounts. While the above comments are directed towards investments, we are able to assist you in the areas of financial and estate planning, insurance and tax-free bonds.

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