2023 Diaper Drive
WE DID IT! With all of your generous donations the Hackensack office, in partnership with Jersey Cares, was able to collect diapers & baby wipes for children in need across the state of New Jersey. We can't thank you enough for helping us collect these essential resources!
Community Involvement Photo

The Jersey Cares Diaper Drive was created in response to the huge deficit between the supply and demand of many critical products during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to lack of essential resources, such as diapers, many families are left unable to provide for their children. Our community partners were struggling to meet the growing requests for diapers during this difficult time. After working with our partners, Jersey Cares realized that the need to provide diapers to families who do not have access to them is constant and was only heightened by the pandemic.  You can learn more about Jersey Cares Diaper Drive here: https://www.jerseycares.org/diaper_drive

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