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At Livengood Strategic Wealth Advisors of Janney Montgomery Scott, we approach each client relationship knowing our practice is a trust business. The cornerstone of our practice is to keep clients at the center and is supported by our investment philosophy: to preserve capital and reduce risk. We position our focus around holistic financial planning, retirement income planning, and fee-based managed account solutions by customizing investment strategies for each client. Our service model is exceptional for our clients, who include individuals and families with significant net worth, divorcees and small business 401(k) plan management. The diverse, multigenerational team dynamic of Livengood Strategic Wealth Advisors sets us apart amongst our peers. You should know that the structure of our practice is intentional, as our unique strength sets create notable synergies. Why should you choose Livengood Strategic Wealth Advisors? Tailored Investment Plans – your goals are uniquely yours. It’s our job to help you toward achieving them. Fiduciary Responsibility – fee-based managed accounts allow us to operate on the same side of the table as our clients. Ethics is at the forefront of all decision making. Personalized Communication – you will know what we’re up to, why, and how it benefits you!  A Long-Term Succession Strategy – we will work with you to plan for your future generations. Diversity Inspires Strength – a seasoned veteran and youthful partners ensure our clients get the benefits of tenure and cutting edge solutions. Passion for People and Success –we are passionate about helping people navigate through their ever-changing financial lives. Keeping people at the center is a foundational element of our business.

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