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Mobile Check Deposit
In light of the health circumstances, clients have appreciated learning that checks can be deposited to your Janney account from home.
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Office Temporarily Closed
Due to the effects of Covid-19, our office location is temporarily closed. During this time, our top priorities are the health and safety of our employees and clients, and that we maintain the service you need during this emotional time.
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Meeting Information, Options and Digital Resources
As you are aware, the number of Covid-19 (coronavirus) cases continues to spread. During this time, our top priorities are the health and safety of our employees and clients, and that we maintain the support you need during this emotional time.
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College Cost Data for 2019-2020 School Year
Each year, the College Board releases its annual Trends in College Pricing report that highlights current college costs and trends. While costs can vary significantly depending on the region and college, the College Board publishes average cost figures, which are based on a survey of nearly 4,000 colleges across the country.
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June Investment Perspectives
In the latest issue of Investment Perspective, we discuss whether consumers are choosing to save or spend, how the neutral rate of interest serves as a benchmark for investors, and how the cap-weighted S&P 500 compares to equal-weighted.
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Maximize Long-Term Care Benefits Using an Existing Annuity
Gain valuable tax benefits by replacing an unneeded annuity with a new one that offers long-term care coverage.
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Tips for Leveraging 529 Education Savings Plans
You’re proud of the children in your life. And understandably, you may want to reward them with one of the best gifts you can give — supporting their education.
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Secure 2.0 Act: What Plan Sponsors Need to Know in 2024
An array of new provisions under the SECURE 2.0 Act are on tap this year that are expected to profoundly impact plan design and how participants will save for the future. Read on to learn how to implement this next phase of the law successfully.
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Don’t Procrastinate – Establish Your Will
Establishing a will is certainly not a favorite undertaking for anyone, but it’s important. In fact, it’s one of the most important things to take care of that people commonly forget about, avoid, or procrastinate.
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Planning Strategies for Remaining 529 Balances
If you saved more for college than you needed, here’s how make the most of the leftover funds.
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