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"Our Team’s focus is to guide our clients through retirement….Not on beating any market index."

S.C. Asset Advisors has helped individuals protect, manage and grow their retirement related assets for over 30 years through multiple market environments.

We provide retirement and estate planning guidance along with investment advice to individuals, institutions, qualified plan sponsors, and retirement plan participants.

"When a partnership commences, we begin with a conservative bias.  We then take the time to get to know and understand the unique needs and goals of each and every potential client.  Afterwards, we tailor an investment plan that fits their lifestyle and risk parameters while making certain an ongoing mutual understanding of the strategy exists.  We have found that when our clients understand what they own and why from the beginning, they gain the confidence needed to maintain the strategies for the long-term.  Knowing we have helped our clients over multiple generations is one of our most fulfilling accomplishments."

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