October 2022 - Quarterly update
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Unfortunately, these “bear” markets take time to get through (they don’t last as long as bulls) and the Fed continues it’s focus on stomping out inflation (and the economy with it). Watching the markets daily or weekly is no longer a pastime or hobby and could only influence one to make detrimental moves that could impact one’s financial game plan and/or performance long term. Those who say they know where the market and economy are going in the next 6 months are guessing. We continue to take advantage of tax swaps and higher rates for portfolios and new deposits. One positive, we have rates around 4-5% again which is nice when you are retired or sitting on cash!.

Thanks to those who have helped us meet several new clients this year who have recently retired, sold their business, or inherited monies. We want to help those who need advice in this volatile market, so keep them coming!

See attached for more detail on this weak quarter: Quarterly Update

SWM news:

Jeff and his family had an enjoyable summer with a visit to Montana for some golf and fishing.  He also moved his youngest, Palmer into college at the University of Tennessee.  Onto empty nesting….

Allison went down to Florida with her husband and, 2, of her 3 boys for Fall Break to visit Epcot at Disney World. She’s pictured here with her 2 boys in front of Epcot.

Kevin, Meg, Ridley(6) & Hughes(4) enjoyed some time in Destin 30A, Florida in July

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