How we are different from other Advisors

Eight ways that show how we are different from other Financial Advisors
  1. Our number one principle continues to be putting our clients’ interests first and foremost.
  2. We have a reputation for interacting well with all members of a client’s team: CPA, attorney, etc.
  3. We’ve been in business for more than 20 years—long enough to be experienced and young enough to be with clients and their families for the long term.
  4. Our clients can sense our personal interest in them.
  5. The financial planning services we provide are customized to each client.
  6. Our team provides easy accessibility to home office experts in all areas.
  7. We make the utmost effort to present information and recommendations in a practical format.
  8. We operate independently and emphasize objectivity.

For more information, please see Janney’s Relationship Summary (Form CRS) on which details all material facts about the scope and terms of our relationship with you and any potential conflicts of interest.

Preferred Communication Method
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