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The Leise Wealth Management Group offers comprehensive, objective financial advice to successful individuals who desire a high level of personal service. We accumulate and distribute wealth using our unique money management approach, minimizing the risk while still growing your assets.

Combined with guaranteed sources of lifetime income, our wealth management services ease clients’ fear of financial loss and help them to make work optional.

Unique to our team is the belief that real, sustainable value is delivered by consistently and continuously combining the right people, solutions, and services with the “intangibles” that drive successful planning and execution—listening, understanding, communicating, adapting and anticipating. Our clients measure our performance on how effectively we help them achieve their long-term financial goals, not on the highest absolute short-term investment results.

There are no shortcuts to earning our clients’ trust and advocacy. Our clients need to be secure, comfortable and confident with us. This begins with both clients and advisors being selective in terms of the financial advisor relationships they engage in, and doing the due diligence up front to ensure the right “fit”.

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