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Committed To You

Mark Mendicino, Sean Giliberti and Joseph Lombardo of The MGL Wealth Management Group are committed to knowing and understanding your financial situation and providing you with only the highest quality information, services, and products to help you reach your goals.

They don’t simply work for you. They work with you to understand who you are as an individual and as an investor. They help you to define your financial objectives—whether you are an individual or corporate investor—and then use that knowledge to develop, together, an investment plan that addresses today’s needs and tomorrow’s goals.

The MGL Wealth Management Group is more than investments—they take pride in being a total financial planning resource. When you join as a client, you gain access to education, advice, planning and consultation, all with you as its focus. They offer you financial planning, portfolio, and wealth management strategies and access to new investment products and opportunities as they arise.

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