Frequently Asked Questions

All of your questions, answered!
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All of your questions, answered!

Q: How do you charge for your services?

A: Your account can be fee-based or commission based. It depends on what is best for you. You can switch at anytime.

Q: When I set up a meeting, am I under any obligation?

A: No, consultations are free. This way you can come in, meet with us and make sure you are comfortable before we get started.

Q: I already have an insurance agent and accountant I am working with. Can you coordinate with them to create an integrated financial program using input from each

A: Absolutely! Many of our clients have other financial relationships. If we can fill a need or work with someone you know already, we will be happy to do whatever is best for you.
Q: Are there any fees for my account?

A: There is no charge to open an account at Janney. As I work with you to discuss your financial needs and goals, we’ll determine a plan of action and then choose the most appropriate investment products and services to help you meet your goals. Janney offers an open platform of various types of accounts and services. Certain charges may apply to the types of accounts and services you choose. As we go through the selection process, I will fully disclose any fees to you and, when appropriate, when the fee might be waived.
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