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Our Process
Our process begins by exploring the values, culture and perspective that makes a family unique. We believe it is critical to understand the history of a family, how it functions today, and the reasons why certain goals are held above all else.
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Multigenerational Planning
Every family has different goals, needs and challenges. Our experience shows us that most family goals do not begin and end within one generation. There are values, cultures, experiences, and relationships that need to be effectively transferred through multiple generations of a family in order for specific goals to be reached.
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Special Needs Planning
Special Needs Planning is a very sensitive area of financial planning due to the complexities both in terms of how assets are structured and how family dynamics drive decision making. Beyond spending the time necessary to understand a family, we believe it is vital to understand the nature of the disability, and the relationship the disabled individual has with his or her family.
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Philanthropic Planning
Many families understand that their values and perspectives are rooted in a particular area of their community. Given that experiences vary from generation to generation, we find that families often prioritize a particular cause or organization in their legacy planning because they believe it is critical for those initiatives to continue long after they have passed.
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Investment Management
Our first priority is to manage the risks that impact wealthy families. Based on our experience, most investors are unaware of the amount of risk they are taking with strategies they deem as safe, or conservative.
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Online Access
Our digital experience makes connecting your life and finances easier by providing 24/7 secure access to your account information, aggregation tools, eDelivery, and more.
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