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In working with clients in today’s economic and financial environment, I help them to understand that financial advice is more than managing an investment portfolio. It also includes relationship-oriented advice, providing value in discussing life goals, changes that occur over life stages and offering recommendations to restructure their investment plan to meet those changing needs.

My client focus has always been to provide my clients with the personal touch they seek while providing a professional financial relationship they can depend on as they work toward reaching their life goals. Using Janney’s resources, I employ a diligent, pro-active approach toward providing the service, solutions and research necessary to recommend a customized investment plan for their needs.

Market swings, economic trends, government regulations and
robo-advice can be confusing or even misleading, making clients unsure as to what is right for them. My job is to help my clients navigate through what they read and hear so the best strategy can be decided as they go through the various stages in their lives.

At Janney, I have access to the industry specialists and research analysts I need to help me recommend the appropriate strategy to build my clients' portfolios. Using the tools provided to me, I can stay informed of the various investments that comprise the portfolio allocation to ensure the selected investments are in line with the defined goals.

My website also contains information about Janney's storied history and our Firm's stability as well as educational materials and research insights that cover topics of interest that may be of benefit to you. I encourage you to read them. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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