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The name Ivybridge is based on two main ideas. Ivy from Greek and Latin representing fidelity and friendship – exactly the type of relationship we feel we build with our clients. And bridge, how we strive to help you to reach your financial goals and achieve a sense of financial well-being. As a team, we believe in hard work, endeavor for continuous improvement in all we do, and operate with a strong service-first mindset.Our sole purpose is to help our clients make better financial decisions. We adhere to a financial planning process that strives for all advice given and financial decisions made to be well informed, made in context, and with minimal bias and emotion. In short, we bring a structured, thoughtful approach to financial decision-making. Being accessible and available to all our clients is a cornerstone of our practice. We’re always just a phone call or email away.Sign up to stay in touch with us! ... Read more. Read less.
Janney Client Education Series: A Medicare Primer
Wednesday, September 18 | 12:00PM ET
The Ivybridge Process: A New Approach to Finances
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The Ivybridge Process
The Ivybridge Process, What to Expect from Us, and Tenets of Service
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Revolutionizing Financial Awareness: 4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Financial Advisor
In today's complex financial landscape, finding the right financial advisor can be a game-changer. Someone who understands your aspirations, values your goals, and tailors their approach to suit your unique needs can make all the difference in your financial journey. As a pioneer in financial awareness, I believe that your financial advisor should not only guide you through the intricacies of money management but should also revolutionize your approach to wealth building. Here are four key factors to consider when choosing a financial advisor who aligns with my philosophy of putting you first.1. Getting Recommendations from a Trusted ResourceOne of the first steps in finding a financial advisor is seeking recommendations from sources you trust. Personal referrals from friends, family, or colleagues who have had positive experiences can provide valuable insights. Beyond that, consider seeking advice from professionals within your network, such as accountants or attorneys, who often have valuable perspectives on reputable financial advisors. My approach is centered around building trust and rapport, and this begins with connecting you to the right resources. 2. Ask the Financial Advisors You Interview About Their Strategies and ApproachesWhen you start interviewing potential financial advisors, it's crucial to inquire about their strategies and approaches. A good financial advisor should be able to explain their investment philosophy, risk management strategies, and how they tailor their recommendations to clients' unique situations. I believe that education is empowerment, and I strive to ensure that you understand the rationale behind every financial decision we make together. Transparency and clear communication are at the heart of my approach.3. Choose a Financial Advisor with Good Listening SkillsFinancial advising isn't just about numbers; it's about understanding your dreams, aspirations, and concerns. An advisor who actively listens and takes the time to comprehend your life goals will be better equipped to provide personalized guidance. My revolutionary approach is all about putting you at the forefront. By actively listening to your needs, I can create a customized financial plan that aligns with your dreams and evolves as your circumstances change. 4. Choose a Financial Advisor Whose Philosophies Align with YoursYour financial advisor should be more than just a number cruncher; they should be a partner who shares your values and aspirations. It's crucial to find an advisor whose philosophical outlook resonates with yours. Whether it's a commitment to sustainable investing or a focus on long-term wealth preservation, your advisor's beliefs should be in harmony with your own. My approach is rooted in helping you achieve financial success while staying true to your individual principles. Revolutionizing Financial Awareness: Connecting with Colin BurkeMy approach to financial awareness is centered on you. I understand that no two individuals are the same, and that's why I'm committed to tailoring my strategies to suit your unique situation. By combining a personalized touch with a revolutionary perspective, I'm here to guide you through every financial decision, big or small. Ready to embark on a journey toward financial empowerment?Let's connect and discuss your goals, dreams, and aspirations. I invite you to reach out to set up a time to talk about your unique situation. Together, we can revolutionize your approach to wealth-building and bring your financial aspirations to life.In a world filled with financial complexities, choosing the right advisor can be a transformative decision. With my dedication to your financial well-being and my innovative approach, you can be confident that your financial journey is in capable hands. Don't hesitate—reach out today and let's embark on this revolutionary journey together.This is being provided solely for informational and illustrative purposes, is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. The factual information given herein is taken from sources that we believe to be reliable, but is not guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness. Opinions expressed are subject to change without notice and do not take into account the particular investment objectives, financial situation or needs of individual investors. Employees of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC or its affiliates may, at times, release written or oral commentary, technical analysis or trading strategies that differ from the opinions expressed here. The concepts illustrated here have legal, accounting and tax implications. Neither Janney Montgomery Scott LLC nor its Financial Advisors give tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult with the appropriate professional for advice concerning your particular circumstances. For more information about Janney, please see Janney’s Relationship Summary (Form CRS) on www.janney.com/crs which details all material facts about the scope and terms of our relationship with you and any potential conflicts of interest.
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The 4 Pillars of a New Retirement: A Revolutionary Approach
As we approach retirement, we are often bombarded with a myriad of advice and strategies to ensure a secure and fulfilling future. However, in a world where financial stability is not the only aspect of retirement that matters, I introduce you to a revolutionary approach to retirement planning—one that focuses on the individual and their unique aspirations. By intertwining the four pillars of Health, Family, Purpose, and Finances, I aim to create a retirement plan that not only secures your future financially but also enriches your life in every possible way.#1 Health:Physical Well-being: My revolutionary approach starts with prioritizing your physical health. After all, what good is a financially stable retirement if you are not in good health to enjoy it? Colin encourages you to adopt a proactive approach to health by incorporating regular exercise, a balanced diet, and annual health check-ups into your retirement plan.Mental Wellness: Alongside physical health, mental wellness is equally crucial for a fulfilling retirement. Colin emphasizes the importance of engaging in activities that stimulate your mind, such as learning a new skill, pursuing a hobby, or even starting a small business. This not only keeps your mind sharp but also adds a sense of purpose to your retirement years.#2 Family:Strengthening Bonds: I recognize that family plays a pivotal role in our lives, and retirement offers an excellent opportunity to strengthen those bonds. I encourage open communication with family members about your retirement plans and aspirations. Whether it's planning family gatherings, vacations, or simply spending quality time together, my approach involves ensuring that family remains an integral part of your retirement journey.Legacy Planning: Beyond financial matters, emphasizes the importance of leaving a lasting legacy for your loved ones. This involves not just passing on financial assets but also sharing your wisdom, values, and life experiences with the next generations. This unique approach helps you create a roadmap for preserving your family's legacy and passing on a meaningful inheritance.#3 Purpose:Pursuing Passions: Retirement is not about sitting back and doing nothing; it's about discovering new passions and pursuing them. I advocate identifying your true purpose in life and aligning your retirement plans accordingly. This might involve volunteer work, mentoring others, or engaging in philanthropic activities. This ensures that your retirement years are filled with meaning and fulfillment.Goal Setting: To give your retirement a sense of direction, I encourage you to set clear and achievable goals. These goals can be personal, professional, or even adventurous. Whether it's traveling to dream destinations, starting a new venture, or writing a book, let this approach empower you to shape your retirement based on your unique aspirations and ambitions.#4 Finances:Customized Financial Planning: Unlike traditional financial advisors, Colin's approach doesn't follow a one-size-fits-all strategy. I understand that each individual's financial situation and goals are unique. By taking the time to understand your financial landscape thoroughly, allows our team to create a personalized financial plan tailored to your specific needs and aspirations.Long-Term Financial Security: While pursuing passions and enjoying retirement is essential, Colin believes in securing your financial future for the long term. This approach involves smart investment strategies, tax planning, and risk management, ensuring that you have a stable financial foundation that supports your dreams and aspirations throughout your retirement. Are you ready to embark on a retirement journey that not only secures your financial future but also enriches your life in every way? Take the first step towards a fulfilling retirement by scheduling a time to discuss your unique situation with Colin. Reach out to him today to explore the endless possibilities that await you in the next phase of life and start your journey toward a new and exciting retirement.For more information about Janney, please see Janney’s Relationship Summary (Form CRS) at www.janney.com/crs which details all material facts about the scope and terms of our relationship with you and any potential conflicts of interest.
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