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At Lawson Wealth Advisors, we exhibit the competence and investment focus that are the hallmarks of highly skilled and experienced financial advisors. We believe that: • Investing is a continuum, a long-term process with safety of principal as the primary focus. • Getting to your destination depends on the course you chart and the corrections made. • An experienced guide and advisor is essential to successful achievement of your financial goals. It's in the financial specifics where our investing difference sets us apart. That difference includes both our experience and our knowledge. Rick is the first to say that knowledge, appropriately shared and pragmatically applied, has been his lifelong passion. Knowledge, acquired academically, professionally and personally, is the wellspring of his long professional career, and the basis for his many client referrals. We utilize sound profes­sional judgment, pragmatic intuition and grounded experience to help our clients meet their long-term financial goals. As you work with us, you'll understand how we developed listening skills and creative questioning begins the relationship process, and collectively clarify your objectives. For each individual, we apply our range of experience and knowledge to best fulfill your specific goals. As you continue to work with Lawson Wealth Advisors, we competently and collaboratively work as your partner, recharting your course so that invest­ment objectives best evolve to meet any changing life circumstances.

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