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Mark Luschini shared his 2023 Market and Investment Outlook
What a treat to have our firm’s Chief Investment Strategist
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January 2023 - Quarterly update
As I begin my 29th year as a Financial Advisor, it still amazes me how much emphasis is put on NEW YEAR predictions.  It might be a “feel good” moment when one sees a large firm predict the market being up 10% or more, yet these predictions are rarely right…like the weatherman. In fact, last year, all of the large firm market forecasts were wrong.  Last year, I suggested in January we were due for a tough year and that bear markets or corrections are healthy and happen every so often. S&P 500 down nearly 20% and Bonds down nearly 15% for 2022.  It was one of those rare years where both bonds and stocks were down. The good news for 2023 is that bonds now yield over 4% and will provide a nice dividend going forward. The stock market, however, has more potential volatility ahead and is tough to call in the next 6 months. I believe we will have more clarity on this recession and the FED over the next quarter or two.   Our team continues to diversify our clients for long term, with a focus on dividends. We continue to keep liquidity a priority for our retired clients so they can continue their active lifestyle into 2023. Thanks for your confidence and here is the summary on the numbers: Annual Summary 2022SWM news:In December, we refreshed and updated our website. Besides our quarterly update, check out the “what we do” area (perfect for client introductions) and our “recent updates” section which contains timely educational articles and whitepapers.  Here is our new team picture (don’t we look younger???).Jeff is enjoying more free time, with both kids in college, golfing/visiting family/hawks games. Here is a snapshot from their visit during the holidays.Allison had a blast celebrating Christmas with her family. All of her kids were very happy!The McKane family has been busy this fall. Hughes started playing NYO tee-ball and soccer and Ridley continued to participate in Tophat soccer and played some basketball. Kevin and Meg rang in the New Year by attending the UGA win over Ohio State….Go Dawgs!!
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October 2022 - Quarterly update
Unfortunately, these “bear” markets take time to get through (they don’t last as long as bulls) and the Fed continues it’s focus on stomping out inflation (and the economy with it). Watching the markets daily or weekly is no longer a pastime or hobby and could only influence one to make detrimental moves that could impact one’s financial game plan and/or performance long term. Those who say they know where the market and economy are going in the next 6 months are guessing. We continue to take advantage of tax swaps and higher rates for portfolios and new deposits. One positive, we have rates around 4-5% again which is nice when you are retired or sitting on cash!. Thanks to those who have helped us meet several new clients this year who have recently retired, sold their business, or inherited monies. We want to help those who need advice in this volatile market, so keep them coming!See attached for more detail on this weak quarter: Quarterly UpdateSWM news:Jeff and his family had an enjoyable summer with a visit to Montana for some golf and fishing.  He also moved his youngest, Palmer into college at the University of Tennessee.  Onto empty nesting….Allison went down to Florida with her husband and, 2, of her 3 boys for Fall Break to visit Epcot at Disney World. She’s pictured here with her 2 boys in front of Epcot.Kevin, Meg, Ridley(6) & Hughes(4) enjoyed some time in Destin 30A, Florida in July
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