January 2022 - Quarterly update

What a year was had by our investors and portfolios in 2021 and again another double digit increase in the S&P 500. We all need to celebrate but remember these times and the profit-padding we’ve built when the markets inevitably have a downturn. 


See attached for more detail: 2021 Market Review

Welcome to 2022! We can’t imagine a more transformative year for America. After two years of unprecedented government actions, we are heading back to the normalcy. What that is maybe different now; Covid should be less of an issue, will people go back to work in offices, the consumer has changed.


What we do know is President Biden’s increase of taxes is stalled and may not happen. The mid-term election in November might bring changes in the House and Senate (if either occur, it would mean no more tax hikes and probably gridlock). The Fed is the one to watch most closely and has their hands full. Will they raise rates and how much?  We will be monitoring all of this and more and make adjustments to our portfolios and financial plans if prudent.

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