January 2024- Quarterly Update

Onto 2024 and the election.  I don’t do this often, but going back to July this past summer, I wrote “we are heading into the 3rd year of the 4 year presidential term and this tends to be the strongest year historically!” We got the rally we were waiting on, starting in November into year end. The nice thing about this rally is that it included dividend stocks and bonds finally!!  All this came on the news the Fed quietly said they seemed content with inflation and interest rates and expected not to raise any further. The next anticipated Fed move would be a rate cut, yet this would come in the midst of a recession or financial event/shock. We will see if this happens, but the good news is the market has been a winner the 12 months after a Fed pause(October 2023) historically. Additionally, the election year tends to be a positive one for the markets, historically as well.  If and when the Fed begins it’s easing campaign, this could signal the start of a new “bull” market as well.  All of this and more can be found in our Janney Outlook 2024 piece on the website. We are cautiously optimistic about the year ahead and one where dividend stocks and bonds could possibly outperform the strong technology stocks or magnificent 7.  We will continue to monitor.

Here are the details on the quarter for you: Here

News from the SWM team:

Jeff has been healing and going to physical therapy consistently from his rotator cuff surgery in late October.  He plans on being ready for some March skiing and golf.  He and his wife still slipped away with some friends to see the band, U2, at the sphere in Las Vegas--

Danielle celebrated the holidays and was able to gather all her girls in sunny Ft. Lauderdale— 

For Kevin and his family, 2023 ended with everyone on Santa's nice list!!

Wes had a great holiday with his fiancé, his three boys and his step-daughter

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