October 2023- Quarterly Update

What a summer we were having in the markets with the anticipation of the FED ceasing it’s activity and moving towards a “soft-landing” in the economy. Then September hit, and we had turmoil from the government shutdown, the Fed saying they may not be done, and rising yields.  Although the U.S. market index is still up nicely for the year, the average stock in the index is flat year-to-date.  Diversified stock portfolios with little or no technology stocks have struggled.  Bond portfolios had a tough quarter, yet yields continue to push over 5.5%.  On a positive note, corporate balance sheets are strong and earnings growth ahead looks promising.  We will continue to monitor our allocations for any opportunities that arise into year end. 

See this for more detail on the quarter: here

SWM News:

Jeff just joined the advisory board of the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Check out their website and this wonderful organization: Atlanta Community Food Bank (acfb.org)

Also, unfortunately he is having rotator cuff surgery, AGAIN, but on the left arm in late October. 

Danielle attending the Janney summit in Philadelphia for associates where she learned about our new planning tools coming, Janney’s community service efforts, and exchanged best practice ideas amongst peers.

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