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Smith Wealth Advisory Group is proud to offer “a wealth of knowledge about wealth”®. Although most define wealth in monetary terms, we believe that true wealth has little to do with money.  Among other influences, we are guided by a quote from Henry David Thoreau: "Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."  In our minds, the key to becoming "wealthy" is to enjoy the riches of life itself.  Being an effective wealth advisor is less about helping you accumulate and protect a certain dollar amount than it is about helping you use it to enjoy life, cross off "bucket list" items, and experience all the things money itself can't buy. We help you educate your children and grandchildren so that they can have promising futures. We help you retire comfortably, support worthwhile causes, endow meaningful legacies, age with dignity, and so much more. In short, we make our living by making a difference.Whether you enjoy sharing life’s insights over coffee, playing a round of golf, or relaxing at a family gathering, our team is all about developing truly personal relationships so that we can create more customized financial strategies designed to help you "fully experience life."Our value proposition is centered not only upon our vast knowledge and experience, but also upon the nature of what's within the hearts of each member of our team.  The achievement of 13 professional designations demonstrating specialized knowledge in Retirement Income Planning and Social Security, Portfolio Management, Charitable Giving and Philanthropy, and broader financial planning and comprehensive wealth management issues for corporate executives, business owners, physicians, and affluent individuals and their families is unprecedented not only within the local area but within the entire financial services industry and country at large. Far more importantly, we are guided by our passion to serve the greater good. Knowledge can be learned, but what cannot be taught are the values, character, and integrity possessed by each member of our team. As advisors, we consider ourselves stewards of your assets and advise you accordingly. Genuine, sincere, loyal, dependable, and wise are hallmarks of who we are, how we function, and how we wish to be remembered. We recognize the importance of our advice, and aspire to meaningfully improve the lives of our clients, our communities, and the world in which we live through our insights. ... Read more. Read less.
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Community Involvement
At Smith Wealth Advisory Group, we believe in the importance of giving back to our community and paying it forward to support the greater good. A small act of kindness can often make a large impact in the hearts of others in meaningful and profound ways.
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