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At Vestra Financial Partners, we believe that insightful planning brings inspired outcomes. Our insightful planning starts with an all-encompassing look at your entire financial story. We evaluate every aspect of your financial life to gain a big-picture view and ensure that all is being considered when strategizing a plan of action. We then craft a customized financial plan completely grounded in your goals and objectives and designed to achieve them.


We have assembled a multigenerational core team of like-minded and spirited financial professionals and established an infrastructure that allows us to serve clients at a depth and level unmatched in the industry. Our genuine caring and honest, strategic and transparent approach result in inspired outcomes for our clients.


We’re proud to be part of a firm that shares our client-centered values and standards. Janney affords us the freedom to choose funds and structure a portfolio that we deem in the best interest of each client – with no limitations. As a private firm, our clients benefit from our direct access to in-house attorneys and high-level strategists and wealth management experts. This allows for a streamlined and highly effective process and enables our clients to make the best decisions for their life and future.

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