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We are proud to share our team's accomplishments and recognitions.
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2023 Forbes Best in State Wealth Advisor
Edwin Waingart, CIMA®, CFP®, Executive Vice President / Investments, Financial Advisor of Waingart Wealth Advisors has/have been named to the Forbes 2023 Best-In-State Wealth Advisors list. “Congratulations to Edwin Waingart on this recognition by Forbes,” said Kevin Reed, President of the firm’s Private Client Group. “Edwin sets the standard for his commitment to exceed their client expectations and delivering comprehensive advice to meet financial goals. We’re proud to have Edwin at Janney.”
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2022 Forbes Best in State Wealth Advisor
Edwin Waingart, Executive Vice President / Investments, Financial Advisor, was named to the Forbes 2022 Best-In-State Wealth Advisors list. "Congratulations to Edwin for receiving this prestigious recognition, which is a testament to his commitment to offer the highest standard of success in financial relationships. Edwin represents the best of our industry,” said Jerry Lombard, President, Private Client Group.
2021 Forbes Best-in-State Wealth Advisor
Edwin Waingart, Executive Vice President/Investments, Financial Advisor has been named to the Forbes 2021 Best-In-State Wealth Advisors list. “Congratulations to Edwin for receiving this prestigious recognition, which is a testament to his commitment to offer the highest standard of success in financial relationships. Edwin represents the best of our industry,” said Jerry Lombard, President, Private Client Group. The Forbes Best-in-State Wealth Advisors rankings spotlights more than 5,000 advisors from Alaska to Florida with team assets amounting to more than $6 trillion. Developed by SHOOK Research, the award is based on an algorithm of qualitative criterion, mostly gained through telephone and in-person due diligence interviews, and quantitative data. Advisors that are considered have a minimum of seven years’ experience, and the algorithm weighs factors like revenue trends, assets under management, compliance records, industry experience and those that encompass the highest standards of best practices. Portfolio performance is not a criterion due to varying client objectives and lack of audited data. Neither Forbes nor SHOOK receive a fee in exchange for rankings.
Our Team
Waingart Wealth Advisors is a high net worth Financial Advisor team based in Greenville, SC focused on helping senior executives and corporate professionals on how to retire and worry less about it. We want to become your advisor for life, and working with us means you're with a fiduciary team held to the highest legal and ethical standards, always acting on your behalf before our own. When people choose to work with us, their average account value is $1 million and they primarily pay quarterly advisory fees, not commissions, based on those assets.Our team is comprised of two advisors, and two client service associates. We work as a cohesive team focused on communicating with each other so we are able to manage all the moving parts required to maintain our client relationships on a day-to-day basis and surpass their expectations. Please consider attending one of our next events, whether virtual or in person. See all here .
What We Do
No matter where you are in life – we’re here for you through every step of your financial journey.
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Your Advisor for Life
We want to be your advisor for life. What does that mean? It means more than an asset allocation, we provide a relationship based on trust, understanding and knowledge. More than anyone in your circle of providers, our knowledge and ability to provide insight across those areas is substantial because we utilize The 5 Pillars of Financial Planning. Not only do we have your financial plan mapped out with all of your assets, we can also be a valuable resource working with your accountant, attorney or insurance provider when needed because we understand the intricacies of the types of investments and accounts and how they work best for you and your financial situation. We would love to say we work with everyone who is preparing to retire. Our strength, however, is advising senior executives and corporate professionals and their families who have accumulated $750,000 or more in investible assets. Most of our clients live and work in Greenville, South Carolina or the surrounding areas. Our relationship begins by going through our 3-Step Process, Discovery, Financial Planning and Implementation.
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5 Pillars of Financial Planning
Surrounding you with a fortress of financial resources is how we help you retire and worry less about it. This fortress is made up of the 5 Pillars of Financial Planning. As you probably know from your own experience, success comes from having a plan, and that is exactly what we focus on. We take your input and create a customized plan, help you work that plan while managing your assets through the ups and downs of the market. PILLAR 1: RETIREMENT PLANNING - A crucial first pillar, this is an interactive and educational process of determining retirement goals and priorities and every single client goes through it with us. In short, it’s a process for determining when you can retire and how much monthly income you can retire on. PILLAR 2: INVESTMENT STRATEGY - We know you want to make the smartest decision with the wealth you’ve accumulated throughout your life. Before you know it you’ll be entering a different phase in life, the distribution or retirement phase, and we want to put your mind at ease about how long your money will last throughout retirement. If you hear yourself asking, “what is the best way to invest my money?” then we would love to help you. PILLAR 3: INSURANCE PLANNING - By now you’re used to paying for many types of insurance such as auto, home, life and medical. Insurance is simply a way to mitigate risk. Insurance allows you to protect yourself against potential loss and financial hardship at an affordable rate because the risk can be spread among a large group of people. Our goal is to make sure you and your assets are protected in your current situation and for your future. Our advisors are licensed insurance agents and can work with many companies to help recommend the best solutions such as life insurance, annuities, long-term care or business continuation solutions. PILLAR 4: TAX PLANNING - We help bridge the gap between financial advising and tax advice and hopefully by now we’ve had a chance to get to know your goals and financial big picture. Even though an accountant is the final authority on your taxes, we work side-by-side with them and you to put a long-term plan together for you. There are hundreds of different strategies that can be used to help you get the most benefit from tax-deferred accounts and mistakes can cost money. It’s important to work with a financial advisor with experience and proficiency in tax planning. PILLAR 5: ESTATE PLANNING - This pillar may be last but definitely not the least. Estate planning is deciding how you want your assets to be distributed after you pass or if you are no longer able to make your own financial or health decisions. We work closely with Greenville estate attorneys, introduce them to our clients and coordinate and attend meetings with them. Prior to a meeting we perform an estate planning review with our clients to discuss basic estate planning principles and how they want their assets to be distributed. We also create a spreadsheet for the attorney which divides up the assets by probate and non-probate. Whether you’re just starting out on your financial planning journey or are an experienced investor, Financial Planning as a whole helps you see the big picture and set short-term and long-term goals. With our help, and incorporating the 5 Pillars of Financial Planning, you have the ability to map out your financial future, invest for the future, mitigate risk for the future, accumulate savings for the future and prepare your assets for the next generation.
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Getting Started with Our 3 Step Process
We understand the reason you are here is different than the person before you. Whatever your situation may be, we work hard to create a comfortable environment whereby clients are heavily informed prior to making any financial decisions. We have a formalized three-step process that in no way feels formal. Over the course of our process, plan to meet two to three times for an hour each meeting. Step 1: DISCOVERY – Getting to Know Each Other Step 2: FINANCIAL PLAN - Presentation Step 3: IMPLEMENT – We Want to be Your Advisor for Life After investment decisions are made and we establish a trusting working relationship, we are available at any time and can be contacted via work phone and email. Several times a year we hold Market Update conference calls and meetings for groups of clients. Throughout the year we schedule client appreciation events and hold regular review in-person review meetings. Our women clients also get a chance to have their own unique events which provide times to address important issues to them.
Preferred Communication Method
Contact us today to discuss how we can put a plan in place designed to help you reach your financial goals.